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Patient Testimonials Surveys & Case Studies

"Dr. Elder Saved My Life!"

Mr. Williams, pictured here with Dr. Elder, went into cardiogenic shock and had a very poor prognosis for survival. Dr Elder inserted a heart pump and revived him.

"Dr. Elder Saved My Life!"

"I recommend Dr. Elder to anybody that wants advice on legs or anything else. Now my legs don't hurt and I can go dancing again!"

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A. ANDERSEN | New Baltimore, MI

I want to thank Dr. Elder for giving me the opportunity to spend incredible time with my wife, children and all my grandchildren. On a scale from 1 to 100 my satisfaction is 500 or 600! Dr. Elder and staff would be at the top. I am thoroughly 100% unequivocally satisfied with Dr. Elder and his staff with the care that I received at the Heart & Vascular Institute. I am cognizant that the procedure that was done on me is unique to handful of hospitals in the State of Michigan and once again I thank Dr. Elder and the rest of his staff for saving my life. I witnessed firsthand nothing but the utmost care and sincere concern for patients and their future while at the Heart & Vascular Institute.

ALFONSO B | Detroit, MI

The results and outcome from my treatment with Dr. Elder have helped me live longer and healthier. I am 100% satisfied, happy and have no complaints. Dr. Elder is a great doctor and I like him a lot.

THOMAS T | Detroit, MI

Everything that I have to say about Dr. Elder and his procedure was outstanding.


"My experience at Harper Hospital was great. Everyone from Dr. Elder to the staff showed professionalism and a fantastic bedside manner. They made me feel at ease and showed that they really cared. I've never experienced the same amount of hospitality and compassion at another medical center. I'd recommend them to anyone."

C. KING | Southfield

The one thing I always say is that Dr. Elder is an excellent cardiologist. I tell all my friends, if you have heart problems you need to go see Dr. Elder because every time I come here, you all make me feel like I am the only patient here. I feel good when I come here and I know it. My last name is King, but you treat me like a queen. Everybody knows who I am, I walk in here and you try to cheer me up. It feels good to and know you are not a number, you are not a patient you are not a client, but you are family. I live in Southfield and I know there are other doctors closer to me, and I come all the way back Downtown because I love Dr. Elder- you know, his staff is excellent, everybody. I have been coming her two years, and never had a complaint. You can get me to change my doctor, but my cardiologist no. I do not care if there is one right next door to me I would not go if it wasn't Dr. Elder. I enjoy coming here because if there is something wrong you all let me know and you work on it and I appreciate it. You tell me everything that is to going to happen to me and Dr. Elder would explain to me.

I never look forward to doctor's appointment, but when I come here it is fun for me. I enjoy it, you know, I don't care when my appointments are. Like I said, I enjoy it, I get to talk with all of the staff, they came to know me. They always tell me "Ms. King look at you, you are looking so good today", and it makes me feel good. I do as much exercise as I can back home because I know exercises I should do from the cardio perspective. I'll do whatever I need to do to stay healthy, so I keep coming here.

SHERRY S. | Detroit

I was having real bad chronic pains, could not walk, and it was hurting too bad. Dr. Tamam did an excellent job. He explained everything very simple and clear and made it easy to understand. I want to thank Dr. Tamam and his staff for helping me out and taking care of my legs, it feels so much better. I feel like I am 20 years old now.

JOSEPH K. | Port Huron

Arterial vascular disease in the legs, which is caused by smoking, which I started smoking when I was 15 and now 72, so I have advised all you young kids nowadays not to smoke. I called Dr. Elder's office I believe on Monday, he was not there. I talked to his associate, I explained everything which was wrong with me that I could not walk from my bed into my living room without my legs just cramping out and I had to sit down for a while to get circulation back in there.I went down and talked to Dr. Elder and the minute I talked to him, I felt so very confident and he made me feel very confident. He made me feel like he knew exactly what he was doing. He felt very confident himself and I have never talked to a doctor and I have seen a few of them in my lifetime and so he made me feel comfortable as he has. He set up to have surgery done that same week.

Dr. Elder seems very confident in what he was doing. He explained to me exactly what he is going to do. He did not make me feel what he was going to do was very invasive or was life-threatening. He just made me feel very comfortable with procedure he is going to do. Dr. Elder is far and above other doctors really. I have talked to other doctors before. You know they talked, they do not explain everything to you. He explained everything to me, made me feel very comfortable.

It was very extreme case, so he had to bring in another doctor, who together did a great job. In between the two of them I am alive, have both my legs, and I am walking and doing well with very little pain. I am retired right and now I can enjoy my favorite activities like boating and swimming. I guess I am walking a little bit more now to get the arteries working a lot better than they are right now and that is about it.

If you know anyone with vascular disease, whatsoever Dr. Elder is the man to call. I know he will do the best he can and you will feel much better. Another thing about Dr. Elder, I have a couple daughters that were here and he is a type of person that told them to come down to his office today and give them free screening for any vascular diseases or vascular problems they have, and how many doctors would do that, you know giving a free screening to make sure their arteries are okay. This is what I like about the doctor, he is a great man and I like him.

ANGELA F. | Ann Arbor

Dr. Elder is always punctual, and explains everything to me patiently and thoroughly. I never felt rushed or pressured in any of my interactions with him. His gentle and caring manner not only makes me feel comfortable with him but it honestly makes me feel like he cares for me as an individual.

MICHELLE | Royal Oak

I am writing to express my gratitude towards Dr. Elder and his staff. After a recent examination Dr. Elder found an abnormal result. He immediately scheduled me for follow-up testing which ended up being negative. Dr. Elder personally called me to relay the good news and provide a detailed explanation of my health status in a way that helped relieve all the anxiety I had about my condition. Dr. Elder's commitment to his patients and the conscious effort he makes to personally overseeing his patient's care is the reason why my mother and I refuse to see any other doctor.

JENNIFER S. | Birmingham, MI

On behalf of my mother, I would like to express my most profound appreciation for Dr. Elder. Specifically, I wanted to thank him for spending so much time with us explaining my mother's condition during our visit yesterday. The patient, encouraging, and comforting way he explains things as well as his promise to "stand by" us "every step of the way" have really made my mother the most hopeful she has been since her initial diagnosis. Thank you so much and God bless you Dr. Elder.

ROBERT H. | West Bloomfield

I would like to compliment Dr. Elder and his cardiac team. I had no symptoms of heart disease before I had my heart attack. I arrived by ambulance and the cardiac team was ready for me. They immediately got me to the cath lab, and everything they did was like clockwork.

I knew about Cardiac Team One, so I told the EMT specifically where I wanted to go. I had read some articles about the statistics for prompt intervention after a heart attack.

Everyone I have dealt with at Heart and Vascular Institute has been exceptionally informative and truly interested in my health. It has been first-class treatment!

BRENDA M. | Grosse Point

Dr. Elder was recommended to me by my attending physician. We were told that he is one of the better people in cardiovascular care. I had chest pains and circulation problems in my legs. It was difficult to walk, and I was easily tired. While trying to walk, I would just collapse.

Dr. Elder performed a balloon angioplasty and put in a medical stent. The improvement is fantastic! The shortness of breath is gone, and I am moving around much better. I have begun a cardiovascular treatment program, which includes exercise. Now, I feel like the six million dollar woman!

I will recommend Dr. Elder to anybody in the world who is having a health problem. He is one of the people who did not just get his medical degree—he earned it, and it shows in everything he does! I appreciate Dr. Elder, and I always will.

J. CLARK | Detroit

Dr. Elder is the best doctor I have ever met! I was very ill, and no one would help me. I had lost my job and had no insurance... and he treated me. I had heart blockage of almost 99% at the time, and he saved me; without having to cut me open!

I trust Dr. Elder with my heart. He put stents in, and did all the medical procedures that allowed me to walk again. Before that, I could barely walk 5 to 10 feet, due to my poor circulation and shortness of breath.

I recommend Dr. Elder to everyone needing a heart specialist. You can't help but love his kindness and patient care. I celebrated New Year's Eve with family and friends. No one could believe how well I looked! He is the best heart doctor: Number One to me!

CANDICE W. | Detroit

Dr. Elder cares about his patients and has everything you need right here at the Heart and Vascular Institute. I had a heart attack in March 2007, and was seeing another heart doctor. After experiencing more symptoms in November, I was hospitalized. I contacted my doctor, and she did not come to see me. I was treated by Dr. Elder while in the hospital, and decided to make an appointment with him afterward. I also saw my old doctor one last time after the hospitalization, and she told me she would see me in four months. Dr. Elder told me he wanted to make sure every area of my health was taken care of and began my interventional cardiology treatment program immediately.

Dr. Elder truly cares, and he has been my heart doctor ever since!


I'd like to take this moment to let Dr. Elder know that he is appreciated, and I thank him for all he has done for me. He is a very caring doctor, who takes time with you.

I have many doctors, but he is the only one I trusted with my life. I wish more doctors were like him. He is truly an example for others. I thank him and his staff. They are all considerate and take time with you. .

Thank you Matt, thank you staff, thank you Dr. Elder.

Physician Testimonials

Cardiology Post-Operative Survey - May 10, 2009

Q: Why did you see Dr. Elder?
A: Our attending physician recommended Dr. Elder. He told us that he is one of the best people in his field.

Q: What kind of pain were you having at the time?
A: Chest pain and circulation problems

Q: What were your symptoms?
A: Difficulty walking, numbness, tingling in my legs, and fatigue. I would get tired and my legs would collapse.

Q: You had heart surgery done then
A: Yes, Dr. Elder's treatment included a medical stent, and balloon angioplasty for my legs. The results have been fantastic.

Q: How have you been feeling since Dr. Elder has treated you?
A: I have a lot more energy. I move around a lot better, and am not short of breath. I have not gotten all the way into the exercise program yet, but there is already great improvement.

Q: Would you say that the patient care you received helped you get your life back?
A: Yes! I feel like the six million dollar woman!

"I compliment everyone at Cardiac Team One. They were ready for me when I arrived by emergency vehicle. The staff was perfectly prepared, and got me to the catheter lab immediately. There were no hitches of any kind.

I feel lucky. Everyone I have dealt with has been informative and truly interested in my recovery after my heart attack. The heart doctors here provide first-class treatment."
 – Robert

Cardiology Post-Operative Survey - May 7, 2009

Q: You told us you were very happy with your medical procedure at the DMC. Was this the first time you experienced a heart attack, or had any heart problems?
A: Correct, I never had a heart attack before. I had no trauma sensation or prior symptoms. Nothing equivalent.

Q: Are you pleased with the performance done by Cardiac Team One, especially Dr. Elder himself?
A: I compliment everyone at Cardiac Team One. They were ready for me when I arrived by emergency vehicle. The staff was perfectly prepared, and got me to the catheter lab immediately. There were no hitches of any kind.After that, I had another minor heart incident. Like clockwork, the Cardiac Team One professionals were prepared, and gave me a temporary pacemaker.

Q: I am happy to hear that you are pleased with the medical treatment you received. Once again, Dr. Elder and Cardiac Team One were able to perform the 60-minute procedure on you; which on average, takes 90-minutes with a heart attack patient. We are very proud of our heart specialists, and it is good that you chose Cardiac Team One.
A: I did some work for DMC last fall, so I knew about Cardiac Team One. So when the EMTs asked me where I wanted to go, I told them specifically to come here.

Q: Had you met Dr. Elder or anyone from Cardiac Team One before?
A: I had met Dr. Schreiber last fall while working for DMC. I had also read some news articles about the statistics for prompt intervention after a heart attack.

Cardiology Case Study - March 7, 2008

After multiple visits with various doctors, Tamara was still searching for medical answers.For months she had been experiencing unusual dizziness, headaches and shortness of breath. But after seeing several doctors and undergoing multiple exams, she still didn't know the full cause of her symptoms.

Tamara knew her heart was fluttering, but doctors initially dismissed her problem. As 37-year-old single mother of six with a full-time job, Tamara carried a lot of responsibility. Admittedly, her own health was secondary to caring for her children. But when it became difficult even to go up and down the stairs without being completely winded, Tamara had had enough.

Finally, fluid was discovered around Tamara's heart. That's when she was referred to cardiologist Mahir Elder, M.D. at Harper University Hospital.

Dr. Elder knew something had been missed during Tamara's previous medical tests. Using advanced cardiovascular ultrasound equipment he uncovered the true cause of her symptoms — a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) — a hole in the wall separating the right and left sides of her heart.

"This hole occurs naturally when a baby develops in the womb," Dr. Elder explained. "It allows the mother to provide oxygen to the fetus through the umbilical cord. Normally, the hole closes once the baby takes its first breath after birth. If the hole does not close, it allows blood and other particles to shift from one side of the heart to the other and causes the upper part of the heart to be dilated. If untreated, it can lead to a stroke."

To cover the relatively large hole in Tamara's heart, Dr. Elder employed a surgical technique using a state-of-the-art endovascular approach. A small, umbrella-like device made of thin corrosion-proof steel was drawn up to her heart through a three-millimeter incision in her groin. Using high-tech ultrasound equipment to pinpoint the opening, Dr. Elder covered the hole by unfurling the steel plate, which is about the size of a silver dollar. Heart tissue eventually grows over the plate to fully complete the seal.

"We're one of the few centers in the country to perform this procedure," Dr. Elder said. "PFOs are more often diagnosed in young children than adults. We collaborate closely with the doctors at Children's Hospital of Michigan, who are leaders in treating this defect, and assist each other with adult and pediatric cardiology."

Tamara's surgical procedure took about 45 minutes. After an overnight stay, Tamara returned to her soccer mom life with no limitations.

"I will recommend Dr. Elder to anybody in the world who is having heart problems. Dr. Elder is one of the people, I believe, who did not just get his medical degree — he earned it, and everything that he does shows it!"
– Brenda

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